"It's Normal To Become Lost and Confused ... That's Why This Service has been created!"

Let Me Help You Build Your Business With Tailored One To One Coaching Consultations! 

Are you frustrated trying to make money on the internet or are you unhappy working at your "nine to five", where you are making someone else wealthy...

Or are you actually enjoying your job and looking for a sideline business to boost your income? 

You may even already have an online business and providing products and services, however find yourself getting wrapped up thinking you have to create, provide and be everything for everyone.

Trust me I've been there in the past and like many have wasted time, money and resources when these projects have not worked out...

This in turn can lead to self doubt, frustration and the ultimate feeling of giving up altogether, and this is why at the end of the day it is a smarter to leverage someone elses knowledge and experience who has already been in the trenches.

Hey It's Carl Topping here, I am delighted to offer you the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 live calls with me. I work in “hybrid” mode, as a coach-consultant. This means that I offer you the best of both professions: advice and expertise when you need it, motivation and brainstorming when you're stuck, insight to build you and your business to your highest potential

You maybe completely new to Online Business and Marketing or have some experience, you may even have an offline business and would like to know how you can improve it by building an online presence. Either way we can discuss anything you like to help you take your business to the next level..

I feel it is important to keep it real and give you an insight into who I am and keep an accurate record of my online and offline entrepreneurial achievements as to show you that I walk the walk and don't just talk the talk.

First of all my original background is working as a health care professional however since I was a young boy I have always had a entrepreneur mindset and thought of ways I could make a profit or business from selling something. I remember buying and selling Parker pens at school when I was only 8 years old and setting up stalls outside my house selling things either me or my parents didn't want. This was followed by when I broke my leg when I was 12 years old. I went in the children's ward with no money and came out with money from selling the magazines to other patients that people had brought me in to read. 

My entrepreneurial journey has never really ended and really started to take off in 2004 when me and my wife purchased our first computer. As you can imagine I discovered the world of online business and marketing and have continued to experiment, learn and implement multiple income streams along with marketing methods and strategies that actually work and therefore I have been teaching these to others who want to release their inner entrepreneur!

  • Selling physical and digital products in online/offline market places
  • Creating and monetizing websites and content
  • Creating online training courses and membership sites
  • Online/Offline Lead Generation and Web Traffic provider
  • Running affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online/Offline Consultations and Coaching

As you can see from the list above I am equipped to help people in there own entrepreneurial journey's. The feedback I have had from people who have taken on my courses and coaching has been amazing and it has been great to be part of their development and success.

My aim is to keep this record updated with any future ventures and successes. As you can see by the list I have built up a vast amount of knowledge and skills over the years and therefore would be honoured if you would consider me as your coach-consultant to help you with your own online/offline business success!

Honest , Ethical and Passionate...

"Carl is a real go to guy, his expertise and knowledge is literally encyclopedic, and as far as giving help is concerned he has done what he always has done, over deliver in spades. He is not only honest, ethical and passionate he is also an exemplary teacher. If you have yet to connect with Carl then I suggest you do so and learn how to build your business from him!" 


He helped me construct a plan A, B and C...

"Had an excellent one one one coaching session with Carl Topping. He helped mr construct a plan A, B and C. The coaching was very detailed to my goals and skills and Carl over delivered with nearly 2 hours of coaching time. Carl helped me straighten out my goals and give proper attention to marketing methods to broaden my business!" 


Trying To Push The limits...

Carl Topping is a great marketer & product creator who is constantly trying to push the limit & out do himself. Carl always creates full blown membership sites that will blow your mind. Plus, you'll have Carl Topping leading you every step of the way, which is Priceless!"


Carl Is The Real Deal...

Carl gave me a clear path and an actionable strategy that I am now implementing. Carl is the real deal and I would recommend anyone who is unsure on how to proceed with creating a real sustainable business online to get in contact with him immediately!"


OK so I am not really one of those marketers who flashes off massive cheques and flashy sports cars...

Infact you will find alot of these so called Gurus faking it till they make it, and if Im honest that's not my style and not something I agree with!

I like to keep it real and due to the fact I utilize different digital business models, means my earnings will flucturate.

Some people decide to focus on one stream of income, particularly if it is doing well for them, there's no right   or wrong really, however it is always good not to put all you eggs in one basket as they say.

Anything could happen to your income stream, so it is good to be clued up on other methods and strategies that you can utilize.

Below are a few screenshots that show only some of the business models results that I have had over the years, and you will see they are very realistic.

Nothing annoys me more than some of these unrealistic screenshots that you see online, end of the day it takes time and effort to get any business up and running and you have to take the good with the bad.

Muhammed Jenson

Edson Buchanan

Dr Bo Mil

Zak Loveday

As you can see I have acheived alot over the years and received some amazing feedback. You see I have spent years using trial and error and having successes and failures and want to give you a head start without having to go through the same struggles I did.

I have actually decided to put any other projects on hold as to focus on my coaching consultation service as this really is where my true passion is. Sure I have created numerous membership sites and training programs over the years, however there is nothing like that 1 to 1 coaching where you are able to look into someones personal situation and tailor a plan to help them move forward in their business and entrepreneurialship journey.

If I have still got your attention and you feel as if you can work with me then I am delighted to offer you the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 live consultation with me. We can discuss anything you like to help take your business to the next level. All you have to do to take advantage of this opportunity is to check out the packages below and schedule you Free 15 Minute Pre-Coaching Consulation call as to determine that I can provide the support you need and we can work together

I will then contact you on the details you provide me with so that we can introduce ourselves, determine your needs and schedule a suitable time for us to prepare for the call. 

Not only that if you haven't got a business we can discuss the steps you need to take to get it up and running.

That's right when you purchase any of my packages I will give you access to your very own secure student portal. Inside this area you will be able to see detailed summaries of your coaching calls, take personal notes and have access to any extra training and resources that I provide for you.

The thing is I could easily give you access to a membership site full of a whole aray of training tools and resources, However I want this service tailored towards you and what you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. If there is a mix of everything together then this can cause lack of focus and send you into what we call "information overload" or "Analysis paralysis" 

You maybe closer to having your own successful business than you think. Having a coaching consultation will help you gain the knowledge and expertise that will enable you to fast track your success.

No more buying endless products and training courses to figure out where to start. Your coaching consultation will be tailored towards you and your current situation. Therefore this will save you both time, money and frustration.

So the next step for you to do now is to choose the package that suits you best and schedule a call.

I am looking forward to helping you achieve your business and entrentrepreneurialship goals!

Choose Your Coaching Consultation Package

Please Note these Prices Could Increase At Anytime So Act Now!


60 Minute Coaching Consultation

Clarity & Direction Package (60 Minute Duration)

▽ 1x Brief Clarity Call (free, Skype or phone) 15mins

▽ 1x Highly tailored Coaching session: Individualized session to support you in moving forward in your business and entrepreneurial journey. Sessions last 60 mins, and delivered over Skype/Zoom call.

What to expect:

›› An effective package for clarity, direction and taking lots of action.

›› Access to your own student portal that includes detailed summaries of all coaching calls.

›› Tailored-made video tutorials recorded for you if required.

›› Relevant tools, resources & recommendations that can help you in your business.

The cost of this session is: $97.


6 Week Coaching Package

Clarity & Direction Package (6 weeks duration)

▽ 1x Brief Clarity Call (free, Skype or phone) 15mins

▽ 3x Highly tailored Coaching sessions: Individualized sessions to support you in moving forward on your business journey. Sessions are arranged every other week for 6 weeks, last 60 mins, and delivered over Skype/Zoom call.

What to expect:

›› An effective package for clarity, direction and taking lots of action.

›› Access to your own student portal that includes detailed summaries of all coaching calls.

›› Checking-in support to keep you focused.

›› Unlimited email guidance & support over 6 weeks.

›› Tailored-made video tutorials for you if required.

›› Relevant tools, resources & recommendations.

The cost of this session is: $497.

About The Founder

Hey there my name is Carl Topping and My entrepreneurial journey started in 2004. I have had some offline experience but my main experience is online. Since then I have gained alot of experience and knowledge, along with different levels of success and wanted to help and share it with others.

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