Still struggling to make money online? This exciting 15-day challenge may be the thing that finally brings you success!

Hey It's Carl Topping here...

And, with your permission, I'd like to share a bit of my personal story with you, to see if you can relate.

I also believe that, after 13 years of doing this stuff and mastering the "secrets," I may have the income solution you've been searching for. 

So please read on. :)

Back in January of 2004, my online money-making journey began.

I have personally tried and tested different business models over the years, from eBay, Drop shipping, Selling websites, creating my own training courses and so on... :)

However after trying out all of these online ventures there is one business models that I have decided to be the best, particularly if you are just starting out online and looking to make your first buck!

The business model I am talking about is called Affiliate Marketing. Now don't get me wrong you can make money in all the above mentioned. However if you are looking for more time and location freedom and the ability to earn some great income by using the power of leverage then the Affiliate Marketing route is definitely a great way to go!

Want to know more the read on...

You will find that alot of affiliate marketers will go down the route of only promoting what we call "low ticket products" and only earn low ticket commissions.

There is nothing wrong with that however for example "If I'm making $26 per sale, I need to make 240 sales per month just to earn $4000 and replace my income...

But what if I earned $1000 per sale?"

This seed was planted by, among other brilliant online entrepreneurs, Mr. Dave Sharpe of the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, which is among the most complete mentorship programs I've come across in my 13 years online.

Hands down.

This system is all about earning those juicy, life-changing $1000 (and above) commissions, on offers that you don't need to create, sell, deliver, or provide customer support for. If you can pull in just one sale per week (full, top-notch training on how to do this is included in the challenge)...

Your whole life can change very quickly!

But when you follow along with the 15-Day Challenge, you'll be presented with a real, repeatable system that I believe can have you earning a $1000 commission every day, if you give it your best effort. :)

Obviously, I'm not here to make income claims, but I can tell you that I'm creeping up on a million dollars in earnings myself, and if I had stumbled upon (and followed) this 15-day challenge when I first started...

I have no doubt that I would have made at least 20x what I have to this point. Yep, there's no question in my mind that I would've made $20 million!


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Hey there my name is Carl Topping and My entrepreneurial journey started in 2004. I have had some offline experience but my main experience is online. Since then I have gained alot of experience and knowledge, along with different levels of success and wanted to help and share it with others.

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